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Oriented in Shanghai Jiao Tong University to conduct scientific research, Qing Yuan Research Institute adheres to the forefront of absorbing high-end innovative talents, training excellent young students and breaking through the core technologies.

“Qizhi-Qingyuan Artificial Intelligence” Full-time master experimental class

Qizhi-Qingyuan Artificial Intelligence Full-time master experimental class will be established on the autumn in 2021 by School of Electronic Information and Electrical Engineering of Shanghai Jiao Tong University. This class is expected to receive 30 students per year, have the ability to training top engineering leaders with science literacy. It can provide top guidance of study and employment. Qizhi-Qingyuan Artificial Intelligence Full-time master experimental class is 2.5-year system. Students will study in the school at first year ,then will do the intern in union training base in SENSE TIME at second year.

 Course goals

Training outstanding professionals with artificial intelligence applied technology and top engineering leaders with science literacy. Students should have a grasp of basic theories of  artificial intelligence and wide specialized knowledge, have scientific innovative ability and the ability to undertake engineering technology and engineering management, has good professional ethics,love our country,actively serve for China's socialist modernization.

Training program

1、 Training objectives

To cultivate senior professionals who master the broad basic theory and system expertise of computer science and technology, have the ability to engage in scientific research, teaching work or independently undertake the professional technical work, deeply understand the new technology and development trend in the field of computer science and technology at home and abroad, and carry out innovative research in combination with practical problems related to the discipline. Master a foreign language.

2、 Credit and academic system

The academic master's degree system is two and a half years. In principle, the master's course learning is required to be completed within the first year.

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