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Guozhi Class is a training program for top-notch talents in artificial intelligence, jointly established by Shanghai Jiao Tong University and Shanghai Artificial Intelligence Laboratory in 2021. Based on the leading edge of AI, this program is designed to cultivate global talents that can make great changes in the field of artificial intelligence for the future. 


Student-oriented, the Guozhi Class has a mentor group composed of artificial intelligence scholars from Shanghai Jiao Tong University, scientists from top-level national scientific research institutions, and researchers from the highest-quality artificial intelligence enterprises. It constructs a new model of “three mentors” of academic research mentors, project research mentors, and enterprise practice mentors plus “dual class advisors” of academics and industry. It teaches students according to their aptitudes, cultivates their individualities, and provides them with strengthened professional mentorship and career planning.


The Guozhi Class highlights the education concept of “consolidating foundation, emphasizing practice, and integrating forefronts”. Students are required to not only complete the basic and core courses prescribed by the artificial intelligence program but also attach importance to academic exchanges and research practices. With the support of Shanghai Jiao Tong University and Shanghai Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, students can not only deeply participate in various academic activities such as the annual World Artificial Intelligence Conference and AI Young Scientists Union, but also have the opportunity to visit first-class laboratories and the world’s top artificial intelligence enterprises and take internships there, so as to get an in-depth understanding the industrial demands and the application of cutting-edge technologies and even directly join the research of national key task in artificial intelligence. In a word, students can apply knowledge into practice and really have the potential to overcome the scientific problems in the academic and industrial circles of artificial intelligence.


After completing this program, students who would like to go abroad for further study or enter the industrial job market can be recommended by members of the professor committee of the Guozhi Class to study at first-class universities in the world or work in top AI enterprises or national research institutions. Those who want to continue their studies at Shanghai Jiao Tong University will be preferentially admitted into the master’s Program of Qingyuan Institute and “Wu Wenjun Honorary Ph.D. Program”. Shanghai Jiao Tong University and Shanghai Artificial Intelligence Laboratory jointly create a bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral training system to provide continuous training support for students of the Guozhi Class.


Through multi-level and all-around training measures, the Guozhi Class will cultivate academic leaders and industrial elites in the field of artificial intelligence who can lead the world. Welcome all the students who are interested in artificial intelligence to join the Guozhi Class. Let’s move forward together and greet the brilliance of artificial intelligence.

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